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The Country Club of Indianapolis | Stunning Country Club Wedding | Rachel & Kaleb

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Bride and groom hugging on their wedding day

On the stunning grounds of The Country Club of Indianapolis, Rachel & Kaleb had the most amazing wedding day. Originally scheduled for earlier in the year, they moved their wedding, so all of their friends and family could share in their special day!

Watching Rachel walk down the aisle is something that I know I will never forget. She had the biggest smile and was having the time of her life.

Father escorting his daughter on her wedding day

When she reached Kaleb, she had a little news to share. Originally they planned "pouring of sand", to be a part of their wedding. Due to an unfortunate event, it had to be scrapped at the last minute. Kaleb didn't have any idea as he was watching Rachel walk down the aisle. This is how Rachel explained it to me recently:

"When I got to Kaleb he was trying to be really heartfelt and I had to tell him we didn't have any sand. Then Kaleb was trying to tell Alex (the officiant) under his breath. Then Alex made a joke about the sand towards the end of the ceremony and no one got it because no one else knew about the sand." - Rachel Bayse

It was amazing how these two reacted to this last minute change. The smiles never left their faces during the entire ceremony, they rolled with it and in the end, it was truly perfect!

Bridal Entry Song: Canon in D

Bride & Groom Exit song: Midsummer Night's Dream

When it came time to kick off the reception. Rachel and Kaleb chose a great set of music for the introductions of their family and the wedding party!

Officiant: Blessings by Big Sean

Parents of the Kaleb: We are Family by Sister Sledge

Parents of the Rachel: Come Fly With Me by Frank Sinatra

Wedding Party Entrance song: Sunday Best by surfaces

For Kaleb and Rachel, we had a special introduction planned. With spot lights moving around the room, everyone on their feet with anticipation, the intro song for the Chicago Bulls started! Michael Jordan would have been impressed with that intro!

Newlywed announcement song: Sirius by Alan Parsons

Rachel and Kaleb choose so many special touches for their wedding. I am not sure if my favorite was the ice sculpture or the Macaroons on the dessert table. Take a look below!

When it came time to cut the cake, Rachel decided to have some fun with Kaleb!

Cake Cutting song: I Choose You by Andy Grammer

Bride smashing cake in the groom's face.

Rachel and Kaleb wanted to honor their parents during their reception, so they chose to have the parent dances first. After the parent first dances, it was time for Rachel & Kaleb to meet on the dance floor. It was such a touching dance as they serenaded each other during most of the song.

Father & Daughter Dance: I Love Her First by Heartland

Mother & Son Dance: You Got a Friend in Me by Michael Bubble'

Kaleb & Rachel first dance: I Am Yours by Andy Grammer

When it came time to party you know their crew was ready! It was certainly a fun filled evening with lots of dancing and celebrating! Check out all the action on the dance floor!

Other Special Songs Played:

Anniversary Dance: Marry Me by Train

Bouquet toss: Single Ladies by Beyoncé'

Garter toss: Raining Men by the Weather Girls

At around 9:30 we planned a "fake send off" so they could get pictures with everyone holding sparklers.

Then the party was back on and they kept the dance floor full all the way to midnight!

Final Dance: Closing Time by Semisonic

Congratulations Rachel & Kaleb on the most EPIC wedding day. No doubt your wedding will be talked about for many many years! Thank you for letting me be a part of your special day.

Check out the video highlights below:

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Special thank you to the amazing team of vendors:

Photo credit to: Monahan Photography

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